Client Advisory Board

janet1_0001_Website-AdvisoryBoard-4Our Life Vision Process was born from client feedback. We tried something different to help a client through a difficult situation, and realized that the idea could benefit many people preparing for or coping with significant change in their lives.

We always want to be evaluating and improving what we do for clients. So we have made gathering client feedback and guidance a formal process within the firm. Our primary strategy is to maintain a client advisory board.

Our advisory board is composed of approximately a dozen of our Life Vision clients. We discuss with them our strategy, their client experience, and the services that we provide. Their input has been instrumental in tailoring our services. Whether or not you are invited to join our advisory board (the membership rotates periodically) rest assured that the board’s input benefits all of our clients.

Ask us what we have learned from our Client Advisory Board! We are excited to talk about all the changes they have helped us make.

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