Life Vision Process

diagram janet_0000_Vision Process 3


1. Envision the Life You Want to Create – The first step in a successful journey is to know where you want to go. Our discovery process and exercises will help you develop a vision of the life you want to move toward. The process of creating your vision in detail will help make sure we both understand what you want your life to look like, establishing the foundation on which to build your Life Vision.



    Bob & Lisa’s Sample Life Vision                          John & Mary’s Sample Business Owners Life Vision 


2. Perform Gap Analysis – Applying our technical expertise, we identify the gaps between your current financial picture and what will be needed to accomplish your “Life Vision”.

3. Reflect on the Past – Continuing on our discovery process we work with you to understand how you arrived at your current situation. We explore how you have made your investment and planning decisions in the past, what you consider your best investment; your worst? What influences you in your decision making process? As part of the discovery process, we appraise your current assets, access your risk tolerance, develop a cash flow analysis and review current insurance.

4. Alternative “Life Visions” – We will design a number of “what if” scenarios to help determine how a change in assumptions or goals will affect your “Life Vision”. We can then develop contingency plans in case things change or unforeseen events take us off course.

5. Create Your Plan – Once we have a firm grasp on your life vision and the gap between where we are and what we want to create, we can start working with the numbers. We help you determine what your financial resources can support, and what options you have to create the life you dream of. We construct cash flow projections, an Investment Policy Statement, and a wealth management plan.

6. Implement Strategies – We will provide you with written recommendations. We then coordinate the execution of each recommendation. This involves collaborating with all of your advisors whether it is your Estate Planning Attorney, CPA or P & C Broker.

7. Monitor and Update Your “Life Vision” – Time and changing circumstances often render a “Life Vision” plan obsolete. You have invested significant time and effort, as well as money in creating your “Life Vision”. The Athena Legacy Solutions team monitors your progress, reviews your progress with you on a regular basis, and makes recommendations for modifications and alternatives as required.

The Life Vision maps are hypothetical scenarios and any resemblance to an actual person is completely coincidental.